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Are you interested in our continental or upholstered beds? But more and more questions keep popping up in your head? Take a look below and find the answers. Remember that we are always here to help and advise, we look forward to hearing from you.

  • What is the waiting time for order fulfillment?
    The waiting time for the execution of the order is about 4 weeks, including transport.
  • Can I personally pick up my order?
    Of course. After the previously agreed pick-up date, we invite you to the headquarters of our company - Fałkowo 152, 62-2 260 Łubowo from Mon-Fri, from 7:00 - 15:00
  • Can I choose the color of the bed?
    Of course, the color of the bed can be selected from the available fabric template, which can be found in the CONFIGURATOR tab. There you can create a bed tailored to your needs, selecting individual elements, putting them together. The last step is to choose the fabric.
  • Is it possible to choose a mattress?
    We offer various types of mattresses. We can divide them according to the size, type of foam used and the type of springs, i.e. hardness. It is possible to use two different mattresses on one bed, depending on the preferences of users.
  • What if my mattress gets dirty or worn out? Will I have to buy a new box or will a new mattress be enough? "
    Each element of the bed, ie box, mattress, can be purchased separately at any time of use.
  • Can I order a 160 cm wide bed that will consist of one box? "
    No. The widest single box we produce is 120 cm wide. In the case of a larger sleeping area, we always use two connected boxes. It is a compatible whole and does not make any difference to the use of one \ two boxes.
  • Should I take any special care of the continental type bed?
    The bed is made entirely of certified materials. The bed only needs to be dusted. Alternatively, we can use steam cleaning. Speaking of a mattress, in order to increase its life, the mattress should be turned over from time to time. Each side of the mattress is made of the same components, thanks to which we obtain the same quality and comfort of sleep on both sides.
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