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We are responsible

2,500,000 tonnes of textile waste are produced annually in Poland. As a responsible supplier of continental and upholstered beds and mattresses, we choose solutions that contribute to reducing this number.


More and more people would like to have unique and original products in their homes. At the same time, our environmental awareness is growing and we pay attention to the origin and workmanship of the purchased items.​  In response to the above, the idea came to us to combine these  difficult to complete task.  We have created an idea for people who love uniqueness and at the same time  caring for the Earth.


Due to the rapidly changing trends in design, we often have unused raw materials, including various types and colors of fabrics, which we would have to dispose of, and thus increase the pollution of our planet. ​ We decided that we had to use them more creatively. It is a challenge for us that, after all, it causes us  lots of fun.




We offer beds for animals that were produced in a very limited number - from leftover fabrics and probably will never be repeated in a given combination! The lair is filled with sheep from the best producers in Poland.


The lairs are one of a kind. Each of them is made by hand: thus unique and refined in every detail!  The fabric is pleasant to the touch. It is suitable for frequent washing, does not absorb odors and is highly scratch resistant .



Another of our products from production tips to a very practical backpack. Perfect for younger users as a school bag or sack  for gymnastic clothes as well as for the elderly, for shopping, trips, to work or to the university. It is a universal product that fits all styles.


  The backpack is made of a very durable and strong upholstery fabric, which can be easily machine washed at 40 degrees. Thick, cotton strings are extremely soft, which ensures comfort even when the backpack is heavily loaded.  



They were produced in very limited quantities and will probably never be repeated in a given combination. They are perfect for shopping, for a lunch or as a gift wrap.

The presented models have already been produced and are waiting for their new home. Sometimes they are 2 copies, other times 8 are the same. You will be one of 8 people in the world who owns just such a bag! :)

We use the resources of fabrics collected over many years and combine them into sets that are sometimes surprising, and sometimes very universal. All bags are manufactured in Poland, are of high quality and are available immediately. Above all, however, they are one of a kind