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budynek Bovelli Bedding Sp. z o.o.

What do we do?  


A good night's sleep and a rested body can be the beginning of a great day.

For this to happen, you need a perfect bed. A bedroom should meet a number of requirements to ensure a healthy night's sleep, but the most important element is the bed.

We want to tell you about what we do and how we do it. Our profession is the production of continental beds which can become your private island of rest.

The bed should look good, which is why we offer beds that meet all requirements.

We believe that a bed is an investment that will repay us with good mood and health.


The human body needs daily regeneration. We offer beds for a good night's sleep, which is the basis for success in other aspects life .


We offer continental beds in various combinations, sizes and designs. Together we are sure to find the bed that will give you a good night's sleep!

Who we are?

We would like to introduce you the VICINO brand created by Bovelli Bedding Sp. z o.o. Bovelli is a recognized Polish manufacturer of upholstered furniture, specialising in the production of continental beds with mattresses, headboards and pouffes.  

The quality of our products is appreciated by Europeans from many EU countries who for years have been sleeping healthily and comfortably on continental beds manufactured by Bovelli Bedding sp. z o.o. Our products combine Polish quality and workmanship, Belgian experience and Italian finesse.

We put all our passion and love for beauty into the production of beds. We pay a lot of attention to care for the natural environment . We use natural raw materials in our beds, we also have modern, environmentally friendly technological lines. We are a family business and we want our children to live in a clean and healthy climate.  

Daniela Ben - Or

Our story

Can furniture making be in your blood?  We think you can!  The history of our company began when two people, Wiesia and Zbyszek - parents of Daniela Ben-Or - owner of Vicino - met.

These two people created a good team. Everything they did served one purpose: to develop. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower,

 but always in the right direction.


Daniela Ben-Or: "In 1989, my parents made a risky decision to enter capitalism stream. Dad decided to open a tailor's shop together with a company from POznan that it had found  in a newspaper advertisment. In just two months, the farm buildings were turned into production facilities and the sewing room was expanded. 


Starting in 1992, the production halls became a second home for three children who today work together, create and develop family businesses: Complet Chmielewscy Sp. j. and since June 2013, Bovelli Bedding Sp. z o. o., which is created with the participation of our Belgian partners.


In 2011, we started mass production of beds. All our products went to the European Union markets.

Daniela Ben-Or: "I have been involved in the production of upholstered furniture for almost 30 years. Running the company, everyday struggles, creating new furniture, beds and implementing ideas into production are my passion. Together with my husband Michael we are committed to  development of our company. I love working and implementing new ideas. "

In 2017, the idea was born to introduce continental beds to the Polish market. 


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VICINO brand  


We have thought long and hard about a brand name for our products.

We are a family-owned company that is guided by the principles of action and cooperation where the relationship is most important.

The brand VICINO is the result of an analysis of our products and our approach to life. Vicino reads as close in the sense of both physicality and spirituality.      


The slogan La culla dei sogni, translated from Italian: the cradle of dreams, perfectly reflects what we would like to offer in our products.

Ergonomics, functionality and durability - these are the most important features of our beds. Beauty and modern design as well as high quality of raw materials are important to us.

Man sleeps for about 20 years during his life! Therefore, choosing the right bed is extremely important for our health and psychophysical condition.

Just as people and their needs are different, so beds should be different.

nagrody dla Bovelli Bedding

Awards and distinctions


The company has won numerous awards

and distinctions.


It has been appreciated both as a trustworthy partner, a thriving exporter to European markets and a promoter of Polish design.


They write about us ...

Read the articles about our products and company.

Publikacje o Vicino
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